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Welcome !

This is the gallery where you can find some project or pieces of them. I initially made a private web page for myself then I decide to use Dokuwiki to make it prettier and easier to manage (there is no database, only bare text files). After a while I thought it could be used as my programmer portfolio.

Open Source Projects

Reflexion Programming Language

My toy programming language. I need to understand many concepts involved in compilation (lexer, parser, inference, bytecode, virtual machine, reflection) and I find that a practical approach fits me.

Github repository : reflexion

Wiki for specification: wiki

Public Domain Library

It is currently composed of:

  • Json Parser (read only)
  • Tiny Unit Test framework

See my github repo for more information: re_lib

@TODO (refactoring needed):

  • Game engine.
  • Perlin noise.
  • Bitmap loader.


Video Game

  • Kyub, my student game project.


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